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Floor Wax 500 ml


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Eco-one Corporation


Floor Wax 500 ml


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This is a wax made of 100 % natural ingredients, combined "rice bran wax" and "carnauba wax" which have an effect to polish. This wax provides shiny floor by just mopping the floor without diluting the wax. As alkaline electrolytic water is contained, it has a great detergency. Synthetic resin, surfactants, and alcohol are not used which small children and any family with pets can also use worry-free.

Volume: 500 ml. The amount of use per bottle is 50 square meters (the equivalent of the size of 30 Japanese tatami mattresses).


■Materials: rice bran wax, alkaline electrolytic water, carnauba wax, fatty acid soap, grapefruit seed extract, water

■Place of production: Japan

■Name of brand: eco_one

■Weight (g) (item only): approx. 552 g

■Weight (g) (incl. packing): approx. 555 g

■Handling cautions:

・Not useful for unvarnished wood, high-end furniture, household altar, waxed floor, oil processed floor, and floor with shoes allowed.

・Keep out of reach of small children. If swallowed the liquid, do not vomit, and go to see a doctor.

・If it gets into your eyes or gets on your skin, take an emergency procedure like rinsing well with water, and then go to see a doctor.

・Use gloves if you have sensitive skin. Also, make sure to ventilate a room.

・Try to use a small amount first on the hidden area because it may change the quality and may not stick to the floor, depending on the quality of the materials.

・Do not use it for stairs because they will be too slippery.

・Wash the used cloth and used tools before drying.

・Do not use for any other purposes

・Do not put it back to the container once it is out.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V04213999028
Jan: 4560358591279

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