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Best Products in Japan from bullet train Yoshino Hinoki and Kumihimo Inro Case Travel Incense


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JR West Japan Foodservice Net


Best Products in Japan from bullet train Yoshino Hinoki and Kumihimo Inro Case Travel Incense


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“‘Hashiru Nihon-ichi’ Original Product”

‘Hashiru Nihon-ichi’ is a collaboration project by West Japan Railway and local producers. The products are sold on Sanyo Shinkansen trains (Shin Osaka Sta. – Hakata Sta.).

Inro is said to have used as a container for various goods like medicines. We combined it with Kyoto's culture of fragrance to make this travel incense holder/case. Koudzutsu is made by Monjubo in Nara, Sakurai. From carefully selecting Yoshino cypress wood to scraping and polishing, everything is done manually. Kyoto's Shoen braids, which have been used for decoration and armor since ancient times, are used as beautiful and durable strings. We will gift you a scented trip of "Inro of Yoshino Hinoki and Braids", the manual work of ancient capital craftsmen.

■Materials: [Incense Tube, Incense Stand] Yoshino cypress, [Braid] silk, [Bag] linen, [Incense Stick] plum aroma (contains 8)
■Size: [Incense Tube] Diameter 2 x Total Length 11.5cm, [Incense Stand] Diameter 2 x Total Length 1cm, [Incense Stick] 9cm
■Weight (g) (item only): 20
■Weight (g) (including packaging material): 22
■Made in Japan
■Brand Name: Hashiru Nippon-Ichi
■How to Use:
*Put an incense stick in the included incense stand, light and enjoy the aroma.
*In order to prevent fire, be sure to use the incense on top of a nonflammable dish.
*Avoid placing the product near windows or flammable objects. Keep out of reach of children.
*Do not leave the product unattended while lit.
*This is not a food. Do not put in your mouth.

*Due to characteristics of the item, the color and shape may differ slightly from the photos.
*Please kindly understand that stock is limited.


Item No. V00613999028

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