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Shi-moa Urushi Lacquered Single Cup L by Fumihiko Arakawa


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Shi-moa Urushi Lacquered Single Cup L by Fumihiko Arakawa


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"Shi-moa cup" which brings out the flavors of beer and a carbonated beverage was originated by "master craftsmanship" that Japan boasts to the world. This is finished up with the polishing technique of Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture. Also, a technique of "lacquered coating" that was educated from traditional crafts Yamanaka contemporary lacquer-ware of Ishikawa prefecture is used for the inside of the cups. In addition, enclosed Japanese paper coasters are traditional crafts of Echizen city of Fukui prefecture. Enjoy a luxurious time created by "master craftsmanship".


This is a traditional craft made by Fumihiko Arakawa.


Black: L size


Details of the size(mm): diameter 8cm  Height 15cm

Weight (only product)(g): 125g

Weight (incl. packaging material)(g): 280g

Material: body18-8 stainless   Lacquer coated surface

Place of produced: body: molding: polishing/Niigata  painting/Ishikawa prefecture

Name of the brand: Shi-moa

Handling with care: Hand-wash 2~3 times before using. (there may be some scrapes from polishing.)

Do not use a dish washer. The paint of the surface will be deteriorated and peeled.

Please pay attention not to scratch or drop the product as it is lacquer ware.  The paint of the surface will be peeled and its luster will be lost. 

Hand-wash gently, dry off with soft cloth, and avoid direct sunlight.

Strictly prohibited of soaking. The paint of the surface will be deteriorated and peeled.

Do not use microwave, oven, and direct heat.

Lacquered wares may have a particular urushi "smell" if they are still new. If you care about the "smell", blanch it and let it air and leave it at a place without direct sunlight for more than a few days. The "smell" will gradually be diminished. When the lacquered wares are just finished painted, there is a slight possibility of getting lacquer allergy. Please pay careful attention to it. If you have any allergy reaction, please go to see a doctor.

Manufacturer: UCHIKI CO., LTD. 

Item No. V02219999028

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