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NTC Tea Gift Set of 3


In Stock V04808999028
Nakane Tea Co., Ltd.


NTC Tea Gift Set of 3


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This product is a "organic cultivated tea" set and made the most of its original taste of ingredients. This contains no agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer. We have gathered three kinds of tea, "Organic cultivated Houji tea" which has features of its natural flavor and mild taste, "Organic Green Rooibos" which has freshness and a hint of sweetness  in spite of no caffein and calory,so is effective for beauty and health. "Organic camomile Houji tea" has effects for peaceful sleep and relax. You may enjoy drink easily because of Triangle tetramodel tea bag.

This is best for both house use and a gift.


Ingredient: Organic Houji tea, Organic Green Rooibos, Organic camomile

Contents: 3 cans

Weight(g)(including packaging):658g

Place of manufacturing and processing: Japan

Serving instruction: Put a tea bag into a cup and pour approx.250ml of hot water(90~100degrees Celsius). Adjust your reference of strength of its flavor. (Recommendation to sink tea bag 1 minute)


Finish as soon as possible once opened.

Be careful not to burn with hot water.

Do not eat oxygen adsorber in package.

Storage instruction: Store in room temperature.

Item No. V04808999028

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